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Aceasta este un site de prezentare creat pentru un concurs. Cu ajutorul acestui site m-am calificat la faza internatiopnala a acestuia. Este un site de social network. Site-ul este realizat in totalitate pentru concurs. Acest website nu a fost folosit in mod comercial. Acesta a reprezentat doar un proiect personal pentru portofoliul meu.

Despre Proiect

Descriere :

This website feed is a full scale social networking website. It includes features such as newsfeeds, picture posting, profiles, friend system, chat system, trending hashtags and much more ! This social website can connect people, students and can be used to discuss any kind of project or just to waste some time on the internet with your friends. URL = www.socialnetwork.vlad-hilea.com !

The social media uses the latest technologies , which improves the protection of the database. It includes password encryption and, also it contains email verification, which protect users against fake accounts ! This website, also has an android app which can be used for a better experience on mobile devices !

Ce Contine :

It includes all the features needed for a good and easy to use social media website.

- Newsfeed - Post writing and post edit - Comments and Likes - Pictures Post - Profile - Friend system - Message System - Hashtags and Popular hashtags - Notifications - Profile Settings Edit - Embed yotube links - Profile Description - Post on profile

Limbaje de programare folosite:

frameworks used. Security . This website uses the latest technologies of global web design and web development : - PHP + MySql for backend development - HTML + CSS for front-end design - Bootstrap for front-end and user experience - Javascript for front-end design and user experience - JQuery for user experience - AJAX for search and newsfeed development

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